Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Bye Bye A-Hole.

I've never understood activists standing against capital punishment. Scott Peterson killed his wife and unborn baby, brutally. He deserves to live... for about the amount of time it takes to inject pancuronium bromide and potassium chloride into his body. Fortunately, he's been sentenced to death. He represents the worst of what exists in society. What I find unfortunate is that he didn't commit this crime in Nebraska. There, they still have the electric chair running. To make this the official macabre edition of Tedrow Drive, read more about executions here. Here's the real issue -- Is the appeal process too long? While I support capital punishment I do think the appeal process is necessary and just. We don't want to confuse anyone innocent with Scott Peterson.


Blogger RT said...

Hey Vavoom! Bet you didn't expect to see me way back here, did ya? lol

I noticed that this post didn't get any replies. What a shame! This is a great subject! I really wish that I had found your blog earlier, but hey, I'm here now! :o)

Oddly enough, this is one area where we may not be in agreement (Yeah! I didn't think it would ever happen either!) I'm totally against the death penalty for one main reason... It's too humane! Especially in this country where you don't even get the death penalty unless you've committed some outragously heinous crime, why should they get off so easily???

Scott Peterson brutally murders his wife and unborn child and all he gets is a pin prick???

Come on!

Not to mention, the people putting him to death are risking damnation themselves. That's pretty scary.

Nah, I think that the best way to handle these kind of people is to beat them within an inch of their lives, then chain them to a boulder in the dessert... That way, all parties are satisfied, society can feel safe, and we haven't broken any commandments. Just works out better all around.


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Blogger Vavoom said...

Hey rt, actually, I think we probably agree on lots of stuff.
I'm happy to see you back here. It's great!

10:00 PM  

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