Monday, May 30, 2005

Back Again.

I'm running super late here and have to stick to a short entry today. I'm going to try something new. I know on those big obnoxious blogs that they set up open threads for people to talk about whatever they want. My blog isn't anything special, but personally I'm big (hefty). I'm obnoxious. Why not?

This comment section is all about you the reader. Become the writer! Put up anything that's on your mind. Anything. The first thought that comes to your head, write it in the comments section. C'mon, this'll be fun!

I'll start: After we've done our Memorial Day activities we'll hop on a plane and return to Berkeley. This has been a phenomenal trip. I've realized that I am going to grow as a result of this move. I'm simultaneously overjoyed and scared to death of moving. That's what's on my mind.


Blogger Hillbilly Mom said...

All right, Vavoom, I'll get things started. The first thing that comes to my mind is: why is my house such a mess? Hmmm....could it be....yes....I think's because of....TOO MUCH BLOGGING.

I know this is not an earth-shattering topic, but no one else was stepping up, so this is what you get from my hillbilly mind.

Maybe the next person can be all witty or political or both. I'll bet they have better things popping into their minds than I do.

But you know what? It's my summer vacation and I'll blog if I want to.

4:14 PM  
Blogger Danilo da Silva said...

Its raining over here and it aint raining man. Thank goodness for me.

mmmkay, that was on my mind, NEXT!

8:06 PM  
Blogger Vavoom said...

Okay, I'm back home and I'm thinking most of you don't like open threads...

11:47 PM  
Blogger Lady of the House said...

I would've posted sooner, but The Fiance and I are out of town and this is the first bit of internet time we've had.

Anyways, here's what's on my mind: I can't believe we're actually growing up.

After getting together with a bunch of old friends, it's become quite obvious that our group dynamic has changed dramatically. We're all either married with kids, about to be married, engaged, or in a long term relationship. Where was I when all of this took place? It seems like it was only yesterday that we would all hang out and play video games together after school.

12:47 AM  
Blogger Jenn said...

I don't want to be back at work!

I think people do like open threads, but it looks like blogging has slowed down. It seems to in the summers.

Mmm, this Diet Vanilla Pepsi is pretty good for being diet. Why the hell am I drinking diet?

I don't want to be in the wedding this weekend!

I'm still sick and still tired.

My mind goes at 100 mph so I'll stop now or you'll end up thinking you should have never left an open thread.

I'm a Gemini.

No really, I'm done now.

For real.

2:17 AM  
Blogger RT said...

My skin smells like lemon today, and I don't know why...

2:10 PM  
Blogger bum from jersey said...

first thing on my mind is congratulating you and your wife on your marriage. its nice to see you and your wife are part of the 50% of married couples that make it past 5 years w/o a divorce.

the second thing on my mind is how much i can't stand boston. as a yankees fan i just am not adjusting well to them winning the series. i can't stand boston. now, i think i have a problem with people who live or are from boston. i have friends and even family members who attend school in boston and now, i just can't look at them the same. i can't stand boston. i can't stand boston.

3:02 PM  
Blogger James d. said...

I actually like the city of Boston very much. The sports, minus the Marathon, not so much.
The recent series with the Red Sox wasn't terribly important. I mean, if the Yanks are going to do good things this year, they'll eventually play better against the Sox. If not, those 19 games won't be the difference.

3:08 PM  

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