Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The Runs in Riverdale

I woke up this morning with the runs. I spend the vast majority of my time on the toilet reading Archie comics. You know, the Double Digests you find at the checkstand of your local grocery store. It got me thinking -- this comic sets up interesting personality types, which Archie character are you? For those of you that don't read the comic, I offer the following character/personality sketch:

A) Archie: Hopelessly clueless, happy go lucky, constantly searching for love but consistently scorning a good natured partner (Betty) and constantly chasing after a not so good natured partner (Veronica). You don't know why you gravitate towards mean partners, you just do. You've got a good heart, but you have difficulty making decisions.
B) Jughead: A trusted friend with no interest in work, no interest in love, only interested in material acquisition (eating heaps of hamburgers, in this case). Also, you have a love of headgear, particularly beat up crowns.
C) Reggie: You're mean. You can't stand the Forest Gump like nature of an Archie so you'll do whatever it takes to foil his plans. You're also interested in love, but you chase after the bad girl/boy type. Stealing partners from others is one of your favorite pastimes.
D) Betty: You're a good person, hopelessly in love with someone that simply won't pay attention to you. At times, you feel like life is unfair, as if you don't stack up against people like Veronica. If you could just get Archiekins (your all time love) to fall in love with you, life would be perfect.
E) Veronica: You've got a bad temper and you let everyone see it. You've got champagne wishes and caviar dreams. As far as love goes, you'll go for the best opportunity available. You're a player, with people like Archie wrapped around your finger.
F) Moose: You're not the brightest kid, but you're nice. You're athletic, but simply can't get it done in the classroom. You've got a partner, but she/he is constantly flirting with the Reggie-type.
G) Mr. Weatherbee: You love to teach/work with others, but can't help but get frustrated with their stupidity and lack of responsibility. Archie-types are your nemesis. Although they seem to want to do the right thing, you always get screwed in the end.
H) Dilton: You're a hopeless geek. You've always done well in classes, but simply don't make friends easily. You get depressed easily, but a nice math problem will cheer you up. Despite all of this, you try to help others whenever you can.

Alright, there you have it. Riverdale High in a nutshell. Which character do you most closely identify with? Forget about the gender of the character, make your choice based on the qualities listed. Want to know who I am? Go to the comments section and find out!


Blogger Vavoom said...

Shocker! I'm a Dilton-type. I have more fun playing with a calculator than talking to people.

9:38 AM  
Blogger FantasticAlice said...

I am a Veronica, groovy, I always liked her character.

11:29 AM  
Blogger Hulabelly said...

I want to be Veronica, but sometimes I just feel like Big Ethel.

Does anyone remember the TV movie of the Riverdale kids all grown up??

11:36 AM  
Blogger dreadcow said...

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11:40 AM  
Blogger dreadcow said...

None of the above. I'm the Army grunt who comes home on leave, gets drunk, and thiefs Betty and Veronica for a few nights. BAHAHAHA!

11:41 AM  
Blogger RT said...

Mmmm... I always thought of myself as more the Pink Panther type, but given those choices I'd have to say I'm a Dilton... Just, not as smart, or as cute.

11:46 AM  
Anonymous NMUFNPHD said...

I think I am a Mr Weatherbee.

11:48 AM  
Blogger Jodi said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

1:27 PM  
Blogger Jodi said...

I'm Mr. Weatherbee. I would love to teach, but know I would get impatient when it takes to long to get things to sink in. Good thing I'm not a teacher.

And I think having Archie comics in the bathroom is a great idea!

1:29 PM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

I am definitely Mr. Weatherbee. I sometimes do training at my job and it frustrates me to no end when people "just don't get it".
We have Archie comics in both of our bathrooms. Is it a guy thing?

1:30 PM  
Blogger Megan said...

The closest would probably be Mr. Weatherbee...but none of them are all that close...

1:48 PM  
Blogger boabhan sith said...

I think I'm more of a Mr.Weatherbee because I hate stupid people...


2:53 PM  
Blogger bum from jersey said...

i am a bum. of course i am jughead!

5:57 PM  
Blogger Davydgrey said...

I am a combination Dilton Doyle and Archie.

6:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm embarrassed to say that I am half Reggie- half Archie.

7:09 PM  
Blogger irishkeough said...

All this because Vavoom had the shits? I think I'm too worried about slop in his toilet to post a comment...

9:19 PM  
Blogger An80sNut said...

I'd say that I'm closest to being an Archie-type and even a bit Betty-ish. But I do find it really interesting that if you look at that Archie definition, it reminds me of a lot of women. They want the bad boy and are oblivious to the good guys in their lives. Very thought provoking.

10:20 PM  
Blogger Raine said...

Okay, this is sad, but I'm what you'd get if Moose & Dilton could conceive.

I figured you for Dilton.

BTW, this is at least the 2nd post involving crapping. Well, at least you're keeping with your blog theme!

12:28 AM  
Blogger Jenn said...

I don't think I'm any. God, I'm a loser. Boo! Can I be Scooby Doo? I know he's not a comic, but come on. Just let me.

2:32 AM  
Blogger dahvid said...

what?? am i the only one who feels like a betty-type?

but nah...i won't fall for the archie-types. nyeh nyeh

5:30 AM  
Blogger FJ said...

As much as it pains me to admit this, I think I am Betty.
Shock, horror.

7:36 AM  
Blogger Teri said...

I started worrying that I didn't fit any personality type until I got to Mr. Weatherbee. Since I am a teacher, it is a match. I do have to admit I get frustrated with stupidity and lack of responsibility. (The truth comes out, I know thats bad)

8:28 AM  
Blogger Lady of the House said...

I guess I'm an odd mix of Dilton and Mr. Weatherbee with a touch of crazy thrown in for good measure :)

3:11 AM  

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